Tzinit snapshot service (US)

Snapshot details:

Network:       weeklynet
History mode:  rolling
GCS:           gs://tf-snapshot-us/weeklynet/rolling
Level:         93990
Block hash:    BMEdKMEstVhKK2CoqduWPkiZ23kmtoAr9RNoWy4Hr7izsnzivMN
SHA256:        c2ea46d407e96a4d2fb10741726d545f5474300bfba7d192d9e53062db16821a
Creation Date: 2024-05-20T12:44:49Z
Snapshot vers: 7

Download the snapshot over HTTPS as follows:

wget -O snapshot_file

Download the snapshot over Google Cloud Storage as follows:

gcloud storage cp gs://tf-snapshot-us/weeklynet/rolling snapshot_file

Import the snapshot with Octez:

octez-node snapshot import snapshot_file

If you are concerned about checking the block hash, use:

octez-node snapshot import snapshot_file --block BMEdKMEstVhKK2CoqduWPkiZ23kmtoAr9RNoWy4Hr7izsnzivMN

Set up Bakebuddy from a snapshot:

tezbake bootstrap-node BMEdKMEstVhKK2CoqduWPkiZ23kmtoAr9RNoWy4Hr7izsnzivMN